Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Ladies and gentlemen...

with the rumour of the discovery of an unidentified 19th century body at the east gate of spitalfields building work inside the market has been delayed and the good stall holders of the market are once more out in the cold. our temporary camp is at crispin place, the ditch that runs between the old market and the new. it is shown here on the map along with a photograph of christ church spitalfields where you are asked to light a candle for the alleged deceased who is said to have gone to his marble keepnet after the bream cough got him. a wake will be held at my stall from 8am until we return to the interior. you are invited to come and raise a glass and view the latest in victorian bottom fishers' wallets, fly boxes and priests.

i remain your humble servant.


andrews of arcadia
angling antiques and books
crispin place
london E1
thursdays 8am-the clink of the pint glass on the tap