Monday, 28 January 2008

Not Jesus

Greetings Jeff,

I just read Andrew's description of me in his end of year piece (29/12/07). Completely over the top and misguided and undeserved - but my kids howled with laughter when they read it, and I think I'll eventually forgive him, especially if he repeats his misrepresentation in my next book review!!
You're both much too kind and generous.
I'm sorry you couldn't find any pike. I also went to an estate lake recently and caught a dozen fat perch - and saw two whoppers, well over four. But I can't return till I've finished another three chapters or my publisher will burst into tears.

Yours with scales on,


ps I was going out today,as the weather was lovely, but I went to a private view of a freind's latest exhibition instead. It was thought provoking and brilliant, but not as thought provoking or as brilliant as a two pound perch!